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BRAZEN BANK ROBBERS: Guns, Bandanas - And Fear! - All Caught On Camera


It's not your normal bank heist, more like one you'd see in the movies.

Checkout the surveillance video showing the frightening "takedown" style hit on Wednesday, March 31st.

It shows the two guys coming in, waving guns, and wearing bandanas at the Umpquah Bank on Canyon Road East in Pierce County's South Hill area.

One goes to the counter, and the other points a gun right at a customer, causing him to get on the ground in fear for his life.

The two guys grabbed cash, then took off in a white sedan.

Det. Ed Troyer with the Pierce County Sheriff's Department tells WMW just how dangerous these guys are. "These bank robbers are really brazen. They're coming in with handguns drawn, pointing them at multiple people, doing sort of a "takedown" style robbery of bank. They're working as a team, and guys that do this together are going to keep on doing it until they get caught, so the public can tell us anything about them, we'd like to get them taken off the streets."

Here's a description of SUSPECT #1:

  • White man
  • Age: Late 20's
  • Ht: 5'7"
  • Wt: Slender
  • Maroon hoodie
  • Blue gloves
  • Black bandana (covered his face)


  • White man
  • Age: 40-50
  • Ht: 5'9"
  • Wt: Medium build
  • Black hoodie
  • Dark baseball hat
  • Mismatched gloves
  • Black bandana (covered his face)

Authorities fear these guys could keep hitting, and possibly hurt - or kill - someone.

So, take another look at the photo and the video, and if you recognize anything about them, or know anything about this armed robbery, call:Crime Stoppers: 1-800-222-TIPS

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