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Janis & Jimi: 2gether 4ever

Janis Joplin, the 27-year-old rock singer, who went solo after a stint as lead singer of Big Brother and the Holding Company, was found dead on Oct. 4 in her Hollywood hotel of an accidental overdose of heroin. At the time, she was working on her last album, "Pearl." Her death came less than three weeks after guitarist Jimi Hendrix, also 27, died in London on Sept 18 from asphyxiation after vomiting in his sleep. Just before her death, Joplin and a band member were drinking at Barney's Beanery; then she returned to the Landmark Motor Hotel. Despite having chatted with the hotel clerk after shooting up her last fix of heroin, Joplin later collapsed in room 105 and wound up wedged against a bedside table, a cigarette in her hand.
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