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Five Awesome Things To Do Today (Thursday, 7/14)

Looking for ways to end a grudge your mother has been holding because you forgot her birthday or a scuffle that erupted between you and your neighbor after your dog left a present on their lawn?  Try a little humor. Alan Alda once said, “When people are laughing, they're generally not killing each other.” I take that as a good thing.

Laugh your troubles away and hurry over to Foxwoods to catch funnymen Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme, members of the comedy troupe Broken Lizard, which produced films including “Super Troopers,” “Beerfest,” “Club Dread,” and “The Slammin’ Salmon.” From their Comedy Central special, “Broken Lizard Stands Up,” the two will talk about an array of subject matters, including what it’s like to die in a vat of beer and how cops treat them after seeing their hit “Super Troopers.”

If those films had you leaving the theater sour and laughless, perhaps Maripat Donovan will have you slapping your knees in his act "Sister Strikes Again! Late Night Catechism 2" at the Long Wharf Theater in New Haven. With a lesson packed with filmstrips, historical facts, mimeographed handouts, assembled banners and hilarious insights, Sister will give you a summary of Heaven and Hell, a catalog of sins for the new millennium, and plenty more holy wisecracks.  

Want to see a musical and a comedy? Well, you don’t have to compromise. “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” follows six angsty overachieving teenage outcasts striving to be crowned the next spelling champion. Think twice about bringing your own youngsters as the show contains some inappropriate language and innuendos.

If you’re just looking for some music and you’re a huge Pink Floyd aficionado like me, watch progressive art rock band Umphrey’s McGee jam out under their psychedelic lights at The Dome at Oakdale in Wallingford.

Don’t feel like sitting after being pinned to your seat at the office all day? Learn how to dance Israeli style in a circle, line or with a partner at the Jewish Community Center of Greater New Haven in Woodbridge. If you have two left feet, that’s okay. You can just laugh it off.  

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