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Five Awesome Things To Do Today (Friday, 6/17)

It’s Friday, and there’s a ton of stuff going on tonight. How to pick what to do? Well, here’s five great things happening around Hartford.

The Green Lantern just premiered at midnight, and it breaks the mold of recent superhero movies (Spiderman, Superman, Iron Man, Captain America...) by being about a hero no one really knew about before they started advertising the movie. But it’s being praised as the “best-looking comic book movie since Watchmen,” which is saying something.

And if you’d rather not watch a movie about a superhero, and would prefer a documentary about a great American tradition, check out “Circus Dreams” at Real Art Ways. It’s about teenagers running off to join the circus for the summer, which apparently still happens. The movie’s at 5:30, and the director will be there for a discussion afterwards.

If you’re wondering what would cause kids to run off to the circus, the juggling, unicycling Cat in the Hat might take some of the blame (or credit?). The Connecticut Repertory Theater is performing “Seussical the Musical” at UConn’s Storrs campus tonight. You can also check out an exhibit about Dr. Seuss’ work at The Benton, UConn’s art museum, before the show.

And for those who grew up in the 90’s, if you want to relive your childhood and Dr. Seuss just isn’t enough for you, Sinbad is coming to Foxwoods. Unfortunately, his stand-up is nothing like his roles in Jingle All the Way or Good Burger.

There are a lot of concerts tonight, but one to point out is that The Antlers will be playing at The Space. The electronic-influenced indie rock band just released their fourth record, which is also kinda their first real record.

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