Mike Rodensky of Bristol submitted this photo, taken while on a three-week trip to Antarctica with a friend. He writes, "We started the trip in Santiago, Chile and flew to Ushuaia, Argentina and boarded the cruise ship Nordnorge, a Norwegian flagged ship. We stopped in Puenta Arenas and Punta Natales, visiting the Torres del Paine National Park. We did a Chilean fjord cruise going ashore at Cape Horn. The captain took us into the Pacific Ocean so we all could say we 'rounded the horn' and then we sailed across the Drake Passage, the roughest water in the world, on our way to Antarctica. On the way over to Antarctica the passage was rather mild. On the way back, the seas were running about 15-20 feet and was quite rough. We stopped and went ashore approximately eight times in Antarctica, looking at penguins, seals and sea birds. We cruised Wilhemina Bay viewing whales. One day we were not able to go ashore because of high winds and the captain took us on an iceberg cruise. Sailing by icebergs is an unbelievable experience. We came back through Buenas Aires, Argentina, spending three days there before leaving for JFK via Santiago and Lima, Peru. It was quite an adventure. Those prone to motion sickness really do not want to do this trip."
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