Santa and Ryder's First Christmas Card

I read with joy the article in the Courant requesting photographs of children/grandchildren visiting Santa. I thought right away of our grandson, Ryder Kulp, at age 2 and his first encounter with Mr. Claus. All the way to the mall, Ryder was pointing at all the Santa dolls, pictures and figurines calling out "Santa, Santa!" Our daughter Jenna and son-in-law Stephen were so excited to take their first child to the mall and to place him upon Santa's knee for their very first Santa and Ryder's Christmas card. While waiting in line, Ryder was looking at all the kids and I'm sure waiting with anticipation to finally get to take his turn on Santa's knee. Both Jenna and Steve couldn't wait to capture the moment and to share Ryder's wonderful experience with the family. Please see attached. I hope you enjoy this photo as much as we do. Ryder is now 5 years old and once again, can't wait to see Santa. - Linda & Ero Selander, Southington
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