The Chase

February 12, 2009- Covering spot news is always hit or miss. Most of the time it’s a miss for us. We usually hear about something going on about two hours after the fact, in this case the reporter and I were on the scene fairly quickly. Where the apartment was located, we couldn’t see from the street, and it’s against the law to take photos on private property without permission so I knew I had to take photos of something else going on. A forensic technician arrived about the same time we did so I focused on taking photos of her. Then I overheard an officer saying the suspect was ducked down in the back of a squad car, trying to hide. I hovered around the squad car hoping he would peak up at some point but he never did. It wasn’t until the forensic technician took him out of the car to collect evidence off of him that I was able to actually see him. At the time, he was not charged with a crime so we did not use the photos in the paper. The next day he was charged with murder and using a gun in a felony.
Diane Cebula, Daily Press / Buy Photo
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