Take your yard out for a spin

Wind spinners capture sweet summer breezes, and this fun project can be put to work on a deck or porch or in the yard. In fact, wind spinners are veggie garden allies, shooing away pesky birds that want to nibble on your emerging harvest. Here's how to make a wind spinner:

Materials needed

Empty 1-liter plastic bottle, label removed

Colored duct or electrical tape


Box cutter or craft knife

Snap swivel, see note

Coated paper clip

Fishing line

Note: A snap swivel is a piece of fishing tackle sold at department and sporting goods stores. It keeps the fishing line from tangling.

1. Cover the middle section of the bottle with the tape. (We cut different colored tapes into strips for a striped effect.)

2. Starting from the top of the tape and ending at the bottom of the tape, cut evenly spaced vertical slits through the bottle, about 3/4-inch apart.

3. Squeeze the top of the bottle toward its base to train the panels to bend and collapse. Then, holding the bottle in place, crimp each panel in the center to create firm creases.

4. To help the spinner catch the wind, make small folds at the top and bottom of the panels: At the top of each panel, make a 45-degree fold to the right. At the bottom, make a 45-degree fold to the left.

5. Unfold the paper clip, and thread it through the looped end of the swivel; twist the ends together. Pierce a small hole in the top of the bottle cap; insert the paper clip ends into the hole, then spread them apart to secure.

6. Twist the cap back on the bottle; hang spinner from the open end of the swivel using fishing line.

Amanda Formaro is a professional crafter; find more projects at her website, craftsbyamanda.com.


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