Tiger Woods trivia: How well can you score?

If you can answer more than eight of these questions about Tiger Woods, you need to spend more time reading about Afghanistan and climate change.

1. What did Tiger say after Elin Nordegren Woods pulled him out of the Escapade?

A) Put me back!

B) Please, anything but a careless driving citation.

C) There goes Gatorade.

D) ZZZZzzzzzz

2. According to TMZ.com, Tiger was admitted to the hospital under an alias. What was it?

A) John Doe.

B) John Daly.

C) William Smith.

D) William Cablinasian

3. Who said the following about Elin: "I would probably need to apologize to her and hope she uses a driver next time instead of a 3-iron.''

A) Swing coach Butch Harmon

B) Caddie Steve Williams

C) Her former boss, Jesper Parnevik

D) Tiger in a moment of self reflection

4. Arrange the following alleged mistresses in their order of appearance:

A) Kalika Moquin

B) Jaimee Grubbs


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