Dr. Lauren Gormley is an optometrist with Katzen Eye Group. She writes here about her profession. What does your job entail?: Examining patients, diagnosing and treating eye conditions, routine eye examinations for glasses & contact lenses, managing patients pre & post-operatively for a variety of surgical treatments (e.g., cataracts, LASIK refractive surgery). What kind of schooling or training did you go through?: 4 years for an undergraduate degree, 4 years of optometry school. Most programs now also include an additional one-year residency program. Salary: Median salary per Bureau of Labor and Statistics is $95,000, average salary per most non-govt studies (America Optometric Association & Jobson Publishing) is $138,000 What inspired you to this career?: Interest in science, helping people, the importance of vision, a great health care profession What do you like best about your job? The wow factor that patients experience when they go from not seeing well to everything becoming clear What are the challenges? Managing patientsÂ’ expectations, making sure they are happy and satisfied with every visit and that they clearly understand their eye or vision problem.
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