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Jackie Warner recommends sprawls for an upper-body workout

Trainer Jackie Warner says she loves the exercise called sprawls because it is based on mixed martial arts practices. It focuses on the upper body and is very challenging, says Warner, whose latest book is "10 Pounds in 10 Days."

What it does

Sprawls will work the chest, shoulders and body core.

How to do it

Stand on a soft surface such as grass, with legs straight and shoulder width apart.

Lean forward and place your palms down on the ground in front of you, also about shoulder-width apart, then fling your body backward so that your body is extended, legs straight. Then bring your legs forward in a jump so that they are close to your hands. Stand, legs slightly bent, hands clasped in front of you.

How much

Three sets of 15 repetitions each, clasp hands together between each repetition.

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