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LOS ANGELES --The science and art of neurosurgery is evolving and now patients diagnosed with brain tumors are benefitting!

Thanks to new instruments and technology, neurosurgeons are being able to remove brain tumors in a whole new way.

74 year old Mirjam Rozenfeld loves to laugh but she certainly wasn't laughing last year when she sat down with her doctor who told her she had a brain tumor. Fortunately it was benign but she was having headaches, dizziness, and it doubled in size in just a few months.

So Dr. Daniel Kelly, a neurosurgeon at the John Wayne Cancer Institute, recommended it be removed. Mirjam was scared. Of course she was. The idea of opening her skull to remove the tumor is frightening but Dr. Kelly told her about new technology allowing him to remove the tumor through the eyebrow.

It would be less invasive and recovery would be quicker. That's because in a traditional craniotomy the surgeon has to cut a big whole through the scalp, and pull a piece of the skull down. But with an eyebrow craniotomy the incision is through the eyebrow, it's a much smaller incision and the brain does not retract as much. Mirjam said it was a relief to know that they didn't have to open up her skull and brain and she says the recover was so easy.

Prior to surgery, Mirjam had been worried that she'd lose some of her memory or that her personality would change. But she came out of surgery with no memory problems at all. And her sense of humor and personality were just the same as before.

She says when her kids came to see her after surgery they could not believe their eyes. She only had a small bandage on the eyebrow that the surgeon went through. And now the tumor and headaches are gone.

She says she's grateful that new technology like this is available for other patients like her.