What's happening politically as far as challenges to the law?

Republicans in Congress want to see the law dismantled because they disagree philosophically with the federal mandate for individuals and businesses and believe it will create more bureaucracy and costs. They are seeking to strip the funding that pays for its expansion of health coverage out of the budget. That includes new levies like a surtax on the wealthy to contribute more to Medicare, a tax on so-called "Cadillac" comprehensive health care plans, and a tax on indoor tanning salons. The House has voted 42 times to weaken or outright repeal the law, but they are unlikely to succeed as long as Democrats control the White House and the Senate. Republicans' latest step has involved linking a measure to defund the law to the continuing resolution that needs to pass to keep the government from shutting down on Oct. 1. On Sunday, the House approved an amendment to the spending bill that would delay the health care law. Members of Congress and their personal staffs must get health care coverage through the exchanges.
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