Consumers should be cautious about paid weight loss programs

"Dieting for dollars" is a proven method for encouraging weight loss. However, David Roddenberry, co-founder of, offers these cautions on unscrupulous companies:

  • Expect your weight loss to be verified by a third party; if there is no verification or audit process, be wary;
  • It's a red flag if a company requires you to purchase food, pills, clothing or other products in order for you to ear your money for losing weight;
  • If you can't reach someone quickly via phone or email to answer questions, be cautious and spend time to establish that it's a bona fide business;
  • Check them out on Facebook and Twitter; find out if others have earned money from them;
  • Be suspicious if you can't find a substantial number of mentions in the press and online -- getting paid to lose weight is a notable happening.

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