Delayed HIV funding restored to local agencies

Millions in federal funds used to provide services to those living with HIV are again flowing to local programs after a months-long delay.

Eighty one Maryland health organizations rely on about $61 million a year from the federal Ryan White Care Act to provide services for those who can't afford their own care, and some officials said they had no choice but to trim their offerings.

One of them was Moveable Feast, a nonprofit group that provides food to those who are sick, including 370 with HIV and AIDS in the Baltimore area. Tom Bonderenko, executive director, said after publicity and calls to the federal officials, money is again flowing properly through the city health department and he's able to restore services Oct. 15.

Federal officials said the money was delayed because the fiscal year began March 1, but Congress didn't pass a budget until April. Bonderenko said Moveable Feast was owed $172,000 through Aug. 31 and though it tapped other funding sources, it was forced to cut food service to many clients and all of their caretakers and children.

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