Sinai Hospital to give Ravens baby $3,000

The first baby born at Sinai Hospital during Sunday's Ravens game is going to get a little contribution toward their financial future.

The Northwest Baltimore hospital is going to give a $3,000 savings bond to the first baby born after the kick off of the game against the New England Patriots.

The hospital sees the gift as a way to celebrate the Ravens' success and cheer them on during the playoffs.

"That baby will literally be able to say he or she was born a Ravens fan," said  Neil Meltzer, president and COO of Sinai.

The hospital had planned to give a $1,000 savings bond during last Sunday's game against Houston, but no babies were born.

The further the Ravens go the more babies that will benefit. If they beat The Patriots and go all the way to the Super Bowl, Sinai will give a $5,000 savings bond to the first baby born during that  big game.



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