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Paula Deen has diabetes, but not changing her diet

Paula Deen has long bragged about her unhealthy cooking, but now the southern chef has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

While she said she is not changing her diet, her diagnosis could be a wake up call to people still clinging to fatty, sugar-filled diets.

Deen said she has always eaten in moderation, but while Type 2 diabetes can be hereditary it is also diet related.

Deen made her announcement while at the same time saying she was promoting a diabetes drug. But may people should be trying not to depend on drugs.

One of Deen's sons has turned to healthier cooking, replacing his mom's recipes with healthier ingredients. And Deen herself was on The Today Show Tuesday making a lasagna with wheat noodles and chopped mushrooms.

So, maybe Deen is willing to change even if she won't admit it.

What do readers think of her diabetes diagnosis?

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