University of Maryland wins grant for Salmonella vaccine development

The University of Maryland School of Medicine’s Center for Vaccine Development has won a $4 million grant to develop a new vaccine to prevent non-typhoidal Salmonella.

The center will partner with Indian vaccine maker Bharat Biotech on the project, which will be fast-tracked. The type of Salmonella is common – and deadly – particularly in sub-Saharan Africa.

The funding comes from the Wellcome Trust, Maryland officials said.

“It’s an imprimatur because of the prestige associated with the Trust’s involvement, the rigorous vetting process, and the opportunity for the University of Maryland, in collaboration with Bharat, to bring forth a potentially life-saving vaccine for a very underserved population.” said Dr. Myron Levine, the Simon and Bessie Grollman Distinguished Professor of Medicine and center, director in a statement.

The grant will fast track the vaccine development, which will include clinical trials at Maryland beginning in three years.

The center, established in 1974, has also worked on other vaccines for other diseases common in poor countries, including cholera and typhoid fever.

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