Get car seat installation help via Skype

A state program will begin offering instruction on properly installing child safety seats via video chat, potentially reaching parents who can’t get to an inspection event.

The program will begin April 30 as a pilot. Parents can sign up for a free Skype account and make an appointment for a chat by calling 1-800-370-SEAT. The parents will also have to complete a participant confirmation form. The parents, sitting in view of their car seat with their smart phone or laptop, will get a call.

The appointments will only be available on Monday’s from 9 a.m. to noon, but program hours may be extended.

“This service will allow us to provide visual assistance with questions about proper installation and harness usage, recalls, and car seat instruction manuals,” said Tracy Whitman program coordinator for Kids In Safety Seats or KISS.

The program already has a helpline, email and website to answer questions, but sometimes technicians need to see the car seat, officials said.

For more information call the KISS number or email or go to

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