Camden Yards can be a diet buster

Burgers, fries, nachos, pizza.

Camden Yards is still offering lots of tasty – but high calorie and fatty -- foods to please visitors, according to Alison Massey, a dietitian at Mercy Medical Center, who took stock on Opening Day.

But she said careful eaters can get away without doing too much damage.

“I had a turkey burger, which is probably the best among the meat choices,” she said. “I saw sunflower seeds and peanuts, and they’re good too because they contain protein. And I heard there were fish taco, which are good if they aren't too heavily battered and fried.”

She said the key is moderation. Share the jumbo hot dog and the fries. Drink water instead of soda. And if you drink beer, go for the light kind and mix it up with water.

Massey said some ballparks are offering sushi and salads and fruit, which is healthier, but maybe hard to eat in your seat. (Camden Yards is offering some of their healthier options too, but not at every stand.)

So she said those who go to games, particularly season ticket holders, may want to take some walks around the park and earn the extra calories. And they may want to consider eating before they go.

“They would be good for your wallet and your waiste line,” she said.

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