Wegmans to stop sellng meat with pink slime

Wegmans Food Markets Inc. said today they will also stop selling meat with an additive known as pink slime.

Thebyproduct comes from fatty scraps leftover after steaks and roasts are cut from a cow. The meat bits are heated to soften them and then spun to remove the fat and separate the meat. Ammonia is used to kill bacteria. The filler is sometimes mixed into fattier meat to create a leaner product.

The USDA said pink slime passes food safety standards but many retailers have been pulling it from shelves because of concern from shoppers. i wrote today about how Giant Food, Safeway and others will stop selling beef with pink slime.

Wegmans said it is not removing products from sale but will transition to ground beef without pink slime when it becomes available from its supplier. They are not sure when that will happen.

Here is the statement from Wegmans CEO Danny Wegman:

“We’ve made a decision to stop selling ground beef that contains Lean Finely Textured Beef.  Having grown up in the meat business, we have always been proud of our ground beef and eat it ourselves.   Because of the sensationalism of this issue it has become a concern for our customers.  Every decision we make is with our customers in mind.  Our commitment remains the same.  We will continue to source the best quality ground beef, now without lean finely textured beef.”


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