NIH gives $9.3 million to a Pittsburgh-based computing team

The Baltimore Sun

Three Pennsylvania institutions and a California organization have received National Institutes of Health funding approval for a computational modeling initiative.

The Bethesda-based organization will contribute $9.3 million to a team comprising the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, Carnegie Mellon University and The University of Pittsburgh, CMU staff announced this week.

The initiative will establish a center for biotechnology research focused on filling in the gaps between molecular, cellular and tissue-level modeling tools, with the results applied toward better understanding of neurotransmitters, according to CMU materials.

The California-based Salk Institute is also a partner in the project.

Of the two universities involved, CMU has more to gain by accessing a large pool of public money, relative to its endowment, but neither is exactly scrapping for funds: The most recent NACUBO reports show Pitt's endowed assets (as of their March revisions) valued at approximately $2.53 billion, while CMU's endowment totals about $1.02 billion.


Thumnail photo credit: Mark Wilson

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