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Picture of Health blogger Andrea Walker searches the web for delicious and nutritious recipes.

  • Mediterranean diet recipe: polenta with roasted vegetables

    New research has found that the Mediterranean diet is linked to a healthy heart. The diet is rich in vegetables, fish, olive oil and nuts. Thinking of switching or adopting some of the principals of the diet? Here is a Mediterranean diet recipe from the Mayo Clinic to get you started. Have a healthy...

  • Healthy Recipes: butternut squash chicken salad

    Healthy Recipes: butternut squash chicken salad

    Now that we have gorged ourselves on holiday meals, it's time to get back to healthy eating. The latest healthy recipe comes from Jay Wilson, senior program director at the Dancel Family Center Y in Ellicott City. It is butternut squash chicken salad. Wilson said he has been cooking since age 12...

  • Fat Tuesday Healthy Gumbo

    Fat Tuesday Healthy Gumbo

    It's Fat Tuesday and many of us are going to indulge in rich gumbos, savory jambalayas and sweet beignets in honor of the occasion. Eating healthy may seem fruitless on a day devoted to high-calorie, rich foods. But there are ways to make healthier versions of our favorite Fat Tuesday dishes.

  • Thanksgiving leftovers recipes

    Thanksgiving leftovers recipes

    When we're all done stuffing ourselves today, many of us will be looking to get back on the healthy track. We can do it while making use of our tasty Thanksgiving leftovers. Here are some recipes from, Shape Magazine and Cooking Light Magazine. Look for more on the blog tomorrow....

  • Healthy Recipes: Turkey and Squash Soup

    Healthy Recipes: Turkey and Squash Soup

    Now that you are stuffed with Turkey Day dinner, you're probably looking for ways to get rid of some of those leftovers. If you're looking for a healthy recipe, has some suggestions. The Turkey Squash Soup sounded the tastiest to me. You can find other leftover recipes on their website....

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