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Nation's drug czar highlights Baltimore's efforts at curbing drug addiction

Just days from the end of his tenure as the nation's drug czar, Michael Botticelli visited Baltimore's health department on Tuesday to highlight the efforts of local officials to combat the nation's opioid epidemic and warn against a scaling back of health insurance coverage for addiction treatment.

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Patients ending up with large bills for out-of-network doctors they did not select

Privately insured Maryland patients typically pay several times more for out-of-network medical services and procedures than what Medicare pays for the same services, according to new research from John Hopkins.

They face unexpectedly large bills after doctors who were not part of their insurance companies' network of approved providers are assigned to treat them at hospitals.

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New Maryland database helps find lost life insurance policies

When a loved one dies, families don't always know where to find the life insurance policy of the deceased.

Now there is a database that will help families find these policies and annuities and collect unclaimed benefits.

The Maryland Insurance Administration and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, or NAIC, announced Tuesday that the database had been created..

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Maryland, U.S. cancer centers endorse new HPV vaccine recommendations

The country's top cancer centers, including two in Baltimore, have combined efforts to endorse new recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control that doctors believe will help improve use of the vaccine to treat human papillomavirus, which can lead to deadly cervical, throat and other cancers.

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Opioid users filling Maryland hospital beds and emergency rooms

Maryland has the nation's highest rate of hospitalizations for opioid use, according to newly released federal data that illustrates the depth of the addiction problem in a state where many people have died from overdoses of the drugs.

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USDA makes way for food stamp recipients to buy groceries online

Maryland is one of seven states chosen by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to participate in a two-year pilot that will allow food stamp recipients to buy groceries online for the first time.

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