Man fatally shot, detectives find toddler in car

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Former national drug czar to join Hopkins' Bloomberg School of Public Health

The former U.S. drug czar will join the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health as a distinguished policy scholar.

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New surgery technique at Hopkins gives teenage aneurysm patient chance at a normal life

Brianna Atkins was supposed to be playing in the opening game for her California high school's soccer team in January 2015 when she was overcome by a massive headache.

She was rushed to the hospital, where emergency room staff told her it was probably just the flu. But her mother, whose brother died in his teens from brain cancer after suffering similar headaches, badgered the doctors to look further.

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Economic despair leading to death of white working class Americans, study finds

Feelings of economic desperation among middle-aged white Americans are contributing to a sharp rise in mortality rates, particularly among those with less education, two Princeton University economists say in a new study.

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Younger people increasingly at risk for colorectal cancer

A study published recently in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute found that while overall rates of colorectal cancer have been declining for decades in the United States, the rates for people in their 20s and 30s have increased dramatically over the same time.

If not caught early, the cancer is often deadly.

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UMMC to open 10-story outpatient center at midtown campus

The University of Maryland Medical Center announced Wednesday it has received regulatory approval to build a new outpatient center that will focus on chronic disease management and community health at its Midtown campus in Baltimore.

Construction of the 10-story, 200,000-square-foot center to be located at Madison Avenue and Linden Avenue is slated to begin this summer and open in 2019.

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Suicide causes partners more mental, physical ailments

A Johns Hopkins study found extra mental, physical problems for partners than death from other causes

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