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How breast cancer survivors can cope with 'the new normal'

Better detection and treatment of breast cancer means that many women are surviving the disease. But life doesn't necessarily get easier for survivors right away. Some might suffer from depression and anxiety over whether the disease will reappear. Dr.

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Salmonella outbreak from cucumbers hits Maryland

A Maryland resident was one of hundreds across the country sickened by salmonella after eating cucumbers imported from Mexico.

State and federal officials released few details about the person because they still are investigating the case. But it is likely the cucumber was purchased or eaten in another state because none of the produce was believed to have been sold in Maryland stores, said Dr.

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Maryland, Hopkins win CDC funds to fight germs

Two local institutions gain dollars under U.S.

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Baltimore offers one crisis line for substance use and mental health

Trained professionals to man new, consolidated hotline for those in crisis

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Mercy uses grant to ease side effect of chemo patients

Medi-Spa services offered to hundreds of women undergoing cancer treatment

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Johns Hopkins part of $100 million initiative to study the brain

Johns Hopkins University will participate in what President Barack Obama called “the next great American project,” creating an institute for neuroscience research aimed at mapping the brain and perhaps finding cures for its many mysterious ailments.

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