'Nobody kill anybody': Murder-free weekend urged in Baltimore

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Breaking down the ketogenic diet

Nutritionists from the University of Maryland Medical System regularly provide a general information column to The Baltimore Sun's health blog. The latest post is from Shanti Lewis.

Can adding more butter and heavy cream to your diet improve your glucose control, help you lose weight, improve neurological function, reduce inflammation and enhance energy?

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Opioid overdose antidote now available without training in Baltimore

Dr. Leana Wen, Baltimore City health commissioner, signed a new standing prescription for naloxone that allows residents to acquire the opioid overdose antidote without first getting trained to use the drug.

The move, which effectively makes naloxone available over-the-counter, reflects changes in state law from the Heroin and Opioid Prevention Effort, or HOPE Act, recently passed by the General Assembly.

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Sugar: What's the big deal?

Nutritionists from University of Maryland Medical System regularly provide a post to the Picture of Health blog. The latest post is from dietetic intern Kylie Hermansen.

Americans consume an average of 22 teaspoons of added sugar each day – almost double the amount the 2015 Dietary Guidelines recommends (less than 10% of daily calories or just 12 teaspoons for a 2,000 calorie diet).

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Independent firm to review CareFirst rate request

The state entity that approves insurance rates is going to hire an independent actuarial firm to review the large increases requested by CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield for plans that people buy under the Affordable Care Act.

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CareFirst requests rate increases of more than 50 percent

Maryland's largest health insurer asked state regulators Thursday for permission to raise rates by an average of 52 percent on health plans bought by individuals on the state insurance exchange under the Affordable Care Act.

The other three insurance companies that sell plans on the exchange joined CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield in asking to increase rates significantly, though not as much as CareFirst.

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Milia are white bumps, not acne, and should be treated differently

Those little white bumps on your face, or your newborn's face or body, may not be acne. And they may require a different tactic to treat, says Dr. G. Panisri Rao, a primary care physician at Carroll Health Group. If you're unsure, your doctor will be able to tell the difference.

What are milia and who is most likely to get them?

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