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Health officials expect Zika virus to reach Maryland

As carriers of the Zika virus get closer to Maryland, the state health department said Friday it is keeping in close contact with federal health officials about spread of the disease and will soon begin testing people who have traveled to regions where it is prevalent.

No cases have been diagnosed in Maryland, but three cases have been confirmed in nearby Washington D.C.

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Survey shows prevalence of violence in lives of Baltimore students

When the familiar pop-pop sound rang out late Friday afternoon, Tyrese Carter and his friend Destiny McIntosh were watching television in his family's apartment. As gunshots are so common in their neighborhood, they joked that that was probably the sound they heard.

Tyrese calmly sauntered to the front door to look through the peephole.

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Study finds doctors' long hospital shifts not a threat to patient safety

Multi-hospital study aimed to determine if surgical resident work hours lead to mistakes

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Baltimore to use grant to assess ways to keep seniors from falling

Funds will help city meld data, other information to inform new program on falls

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Zika virus alarms public health authorities internationally

U.S. and international health authorities are raising the alarm about a tropical disease spreading rapidly in Latin America and the Caribbean that they suspect is linked to a devastating brain disorder in babies.

The U.S.

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Bladder cancer often misdiagnosed as simple infection

Bladder cancer is one of the more common types of cancer, but it often gets confused with an easily treatable infection. The cancer is far from easy to treat and, if caught in the most advanced stages, could even lead to removal of the bladder.

Dr. Jenny J.

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