Watch portions

As with anything, use portion control when at the ballpark. Choose the regular size hot dog vs. jumbo or foot long to save hundreds of calories. When trying to eat healthy, often times the soft pretzel is a go-to standard. At many ballparks the pretzel is very large. While low in fat, it isn't necessarily low in calories; some in fact are up to 700 calories. Split it with someone else to keep your snack from being super-sized. Also be mindful of "extras." To save both calories and fat with nachos, use salsa instead of the cheese sauce; the typical portion of nachos and 4 ounces cheese sauce is about 1,500 calories. Top a turkey burger or chicken sandwich with flavorful mustard or barbecue sauce instead of mayonnaise or cheese. Add some grilled peppers and onions to a sandwich if available too -- it's great for flavor as well as the nutritious punch. When drinking sodas or lemonade, keep in mind that the cup sizes are often very large -- many times the standard size is 32 ounces. Opt for water to keep the calories from fluids to a minimum while staying hydrated.
KENNETH K. LAM, Baltimore Sun
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