Frank Dawson, 33

Pediatric sports medicine specialist, Franklin Square Hospital Center Frank Dawson treats young people with sports injuries -- and quite literally knows their pain. An athlete, Dawson ran track in college and played football in high school. Now he plays baseball and basketball, studies Thai kickboxing and is a red belt in kung fu. When athletes come in with stress injuries, concussions and strains, they've got both an understanding ear and a knowledgeable hand. "I get to talk to people who are like me -- motivated people who like to be active," he says. "Depending on what their sport is, I've either participated in it myself or have some direct knowledge." As the team physician for Morgan State, he treats every athlete who plays sports for the school and can be found on the sidelines of every football game. He's also part of the rotating team of local physicians that treats the Ravens. "It's tough when it's raining or snowing … and there are early mornings and long days, but I really enjoy what I do," says Dawson, who lives in Federal Hill with his wife, his high-school sweetheart. "I have a whole lot of fun." In addition to his work with the teams, he treats young gymnasts, kids who've hurt themselves jumping from bunk beds, weekend warriors training for races. He helped a woman who while running a triathlon on the Eastern Shore, fell off her bike and broke her wrist. She tucked it under her tank top and finished the race. "This isn't someone who's making millions of dollars, it's somebody who set a goal, trained for it and it was really important they finished," Dawson said. "That's what I really enjoy. I treat those people the same as those getting watched by everyone on TV and making millions of dollars."
Doug Kapustin, Special to The Baltimore Sun
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