Ambereen Quraishi, 32

Cardiologist, Sinai and Northwest hospitals As a doctor of the heart, Ambereen Quraishi sees a lot of people with coronary disease, blocked arteries, malfunctioning valves. Her real passion, though, is preventing these problems in the first place. "Education," she says, "is the biggest part of what we do." She takes it on herself to teach patients and their families how to lead healthier lives by eating better, quitting cigarettes, getting off of the couch and moving. Her grandfather was a general practitioner who worked with world health organizations to bring care to third world countries. The way Quraishi sees it, she's following in his footsteps, bringing awareness to the unaware. When she's not at the hospital, Quraishi heads into the community to speak at local events. In her off time, Quraishi, who's married with a new baby, likes to read fiction and practice Pilates and yoga. She considers working out almost part of her job. "You have to practice what you preach," she says. "If I'm overweight and telling my patients to lose weight, it doesn't make sense."
Doug Kapustin, Special to The Baltimore Sun
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