3-D movies may alert viewers to previously undetected problems.

3-D movies may alert viewers to previously undetected problems. (KTLA.com)

The unintended bonus of 3-D movies; uncovering undiagnosed vision problems.

Blockbuster 3-D movies aren't always a hit with some viewers, many viewers are leaving the theatres sick. But optometrists say that could mean there is a vision problem that needs to be treated.

They say it could be a wake-up call. Dr. Elise Brisco says if you are having discomfort when watching a 3-D film, it could indicate a vision problem that could significantly impact other parts of your life.

Nine year old Natasha Milora couldn't wait to see Avatar in 3-D, that is until she got there and started watching the film. She says it made her feel dizzy, nauseous, and gave her a headache.

It's actually quite common, says Dr. Brisco. In fact, over fifty percent of the population will have difficulty experiencing 3-D movies because of vision problems, and many of those people don't even realize they have an eye problem.

Natasha got an eye exam and Dr. Brisco discovered that Natasha has weak eye muscles and poor eye coordination. After a thorough exam she determined that Natasha's eyes drift apart. It's something that not only makes watching 3-D films difficult, it makes reading and playing sports harder too.

Natasha agrees. She says she's always had trouble reading and catching balls, but she figured she was just a slower learner than her friends. She had no idea it was because of her eyes.

Fortunately, there is help. Natasha now does a type of physical therapy called vision therapy. Dr. Brisco works on Natasha's eye muscle control and coordination to teach her eyes to work better as a team.

Now Natasha feels more confident. She says she used to wonder why she couldn't learn as fast as everyone else. But she says now that she's re-training her eyes, she feels more comfortable and confident than ever.

Doctors say the earlier you catch this the better because eye muscles are easier and faster to train when you're young. So if you or your child has difficulty watching a 3-D movie, immediately see an optometrist.

For more information go to eyehelp.org. Or go to www.hollywoodvision.com