Common Ground For Palestinians, Israelis?

Just days after the leaders of Israel and the Palestinians united in prayerful hope for peace with Pope Francis in Rome, the worst happened. Here in America, those not identifying as Jews or Palestinians were no less shocked by the surging violence.

What surprises many was that Arab Americans did not demonstrate their outrage for three innocent children being killed out of hatred for Jews. Not many Jews in America have spoken against so many civilians, lots of them children, falling victim to Israel's bombardment of Gaza.

Here is what each side should consider as far as the rest of us in America to put an end to the bloodshed. Jews should agree that "enough is enough" of Arab bloodshed. Palestinians should inequivocably swear to "never again" use violence to pursue justice in their land.

If these words with so much meaning for the other side were embraced, we all hope the spirit of their gathering in Rome will bear fruit.

Juan Fernandez, Waterford

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