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Bahama Mama

Bahama Mama Where: Patrick Leahy’s Irish Pub, 2345 Whitney Avenue, Hamden Ingredients:: Light rum, dark rum, Malibu coconut rum, orange juice and pineapple juice. Cost: $5 Even though summer is the perfect time to experiment with new, tropical cocktails, all of that taste-testing can go right to your head. You may end up skipping over the relaxed, buzzed feeling and crash right into the “I’ll have a water please” feeling. So if you're craving a summery drink and want to avoid getting too loopy too soon, order the Bahama Mama. The drink evokes a tropical summertime vibe, hence the name. But the three different kinds of rum in the drink are perfectly proportioned - not too strong, not too weak. Bahama Mama is an excellent introduction to a night of fun. -- by MARGARET M. WRIGHT Know of a drink you'd like to see featured in's Liquor Cabinet? Send in your suggestions.