The Wildcat at Lake Compounce This coaster is genuine Old School – riders squeeze into a cramped, boxy cart and prepare for a joltin', jarrin' bronco ride. This beast was built two years before the Great Depression began, so forget about high-tech acrobatics. By today's standards, the Wildcat is low and slow. But those well-worn rails and rickety-looking beams can still bounce your butt off the seat alarmingly hard. THRILL LEVEL: Family-friendly fun FEELS LIKE: Freddy Krueger has opened a chiropractic clinic, and you're on the table. BEWARE: That first drop of 68 feet looks tough, but it's the row of low, wave-like hills later on that gives the best air time. YOU MUST BE AT LEAST: 48 inches tall YOU'RE STRAPPED IN BY: Seatbelt and lapbar MADE OF: Wood BUILT: 1927 TOP SPEED: 44 mph MAX HEIGHT: 85 feet START TO FINISH: 2:07 GETTING UP THE FIRST HILL: 22 seconds
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