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The All-Time Whalers Roster

The Hartford Courant

A as in Arthur

Christer Abrahamsson, 1974-77

Thommy Abrahamsson, 1974-77/80-81

Greg Adams, 1982-83

Jim Agnew, 1992-93

Kevin Ahearn, 1972-74

Steve Alley, 1979-81

Ray Allison, 1979-81

John Anderson, 1985-89

Russ Anderson, 1981-83

Mikael Andersson, 1989-92

Mike Antonovich, 1977-80

Danny Arndt, 1975-77

Fred Arthur, 1980-81

B as in Burke

Dave Babych, 1985-91

Wayne Babych, 1985-87

Jergus Baca, 1990-92

Ralph Backstrom, 1975-77

Reid Bailey, 1983-84

Norm Barnes, 1980-82

Dave Barr, 1986-87

Bill Bennett, 1979-80

Bill Berglund, 1973-75

Marc Bergevin, 1990-92

James Black, 1989-92

Don Blackburn, 1973-76

Bob Bodak, 1989-90

Danny Bolduc, 1975-78

Don Borgeson, 1975-76

Tim Bothwell, 1985-87

Dan Bourbonnais, 1981-82/83-84

Charles Bourgeois, 1987-88

Pat Boutette, 1979-81/84-85

Greg Britz, 1986-87

Richard Brodeur, 1987-88

Jeff Brown, 1995-97

Kevin Brown, 1997

Rob Brown, 1990-92

Jack Brownschidle, 1983-86

Jeff Brownschidle, 1981-83

Jeff Brubaker, 1978-81

Sean Burke, 1992-97

Adam Burt, 1988-97

Ron Busniuk, 1975-77

Bill Butters, 1976-78

Mike Byers, 1972-76

C as in Cote

Terry Caffery, 1972-76

Brett Callighen, 1976-77

Wayne Carleton, 1974-76

Jack Carlson, 1976-79

Steve Carlson, 1976-78

Greg Carroll, 1977-78/79-80

Jimmy Carson, 1994-95

Lindsay Carson, 1987-88

Andrew Cassels, 1991-97

Brian Chapman, 1990-92

Bob Charlebois, 1973-75

Kelly Chase, 1994-97

Steve Chiasson, 1997

Igor Chibirev, 1993-94

Shane Churla, 1986-88

Ron Climie, 1974-77

Paul Coffey 1996

Gaye Cooley, 1975-76

Yvon Corriveau, 1989-94

Sylvain Cote, 1984-91

Yves Courteau, 1986-87

Murray Craven, 1991-93

Bob Crawford, 1983-86

Mike Crombeen, 1983-85

Doug Crossman, 1990-91

Ted Crowley, 1993-94

Jim Culhane, 1989-90

John Cullen, 1990-93

John Cunniff, 1972-74

Randy Cunneyworth, 1989-94

Tony Currie, 1983-85

Paul Cyr, 1990-92

D as in Dineen

Corrie D'Alessio, 1992-93

John (Jake) Danby, 1972-76

Jeff Daniels, 1996-97

Scott Daniels, 1992-96

Joe Day, 1991-93

Dave Debol, 1979-81

Gerald Diduck, 1995-97

Kevin Dineen, 1984-91/95-97

Hnat Domenichelli 1996-97

Jim Dorey, 1972-75

Jordy Douglas, 1978-82

Ted Drury, 1993-95

Richie Dunn, 1983-85

Norm Dupont, 1983-84

Steve Dykstra, 1989-90

E as in Evason

Tom Earl, 1972-77

Nelson Emerson, 1995-97

Dean Evason, 1984-91

F as in Francis

Glen Featherstone, 1994-97

Paul Fenton, 1984-86

Ray Ferraro, 1984-90

Mike Fidler, 1980-82

Nick Fotiu, 1974-76/79-81

Ron Francis, 1981-91

John French, 1972-75

Dan Fridgen, 1981-83

Mark Fusco, 1983-85

G as in Green

Michel Galarneau, 1980-83

Bill Gardner, 1986-87

John Garrett, 1978-82

John Martin Gateman, 1975-76

Dallas Gaume, 1988-89

Stewart Gavin, 1985-88

Jean-Sebastien Giguere, 1996-97

Randy Gilhen, 1982-83

Don Gillen, 1981-82

Paul Gillis, 1991-93

Larry Giroux, 1979-80

Brian Glynn, 1994-96

Alexander Godynyuk, 1993-97

Mario Gosselin, 1992-94

Chris Govedaris, 1989-93

Ted Green, 1972-75

Mark Greig, 1990-94

Stu Grimson 1996-97

H as in Howe

Kevin Haller, 1996-97

Alan Hangsleben, 1974-80

Dave Hanson, 1976-77

Todd Harkins, 1993-94

Hugh Harris, 1973-74

Archie Henderson, 1982-83

Bob Hess, 1983-84

Brian Hill, 1979-80

Rick Hodgson, 1979-80

Mike Hoffman, 1982-83/84-86

Paul Hoganson, 1975-76

Bobby Holik, 1990-92

Ken Holland, 1980-81

Ed Hospodar, 1982-84

Doug Houda, 1990-94

Garry Howatt, 1981-82

Gordie Howe, 1977-80

Mark Howe, 1977-82

Marty Howe, 1977-82/83-85

Pat Hughes, 1986-87

Bobby Hull, 1979-80

Jody Hull, 1988-89

Mark Hunter, 1990-92

Paul Hurley, 1972-76

Mike Hyndman, 1972-73

Dave Hynes, 1976-77

I as in Inkpen

Dave Inkpen, 1978-79

J as in Janssens

Mark Janssens, 1992-97

Doug Jarvis, 1985-88

Grant Jennnings, 1988-91

David A. Jensen, 1984-85

Mark Johnson, 1982-85

Bernie Johnston, 1979-81

Ric Jordan, 1972-74

K as in Keon

Sami Kapanen, 1995-97

Al Karlander, 1973-75

Ed Kastelic, 1988-92

Dan Keczmer, 1991-94

Mike Keeler, 1973-74

Kevin Kemp, 1980-81

Dave Keon, 1976-82

Tim Kerr, 1992-93

Derek King, 1997

Scot Kleinendorst, 1984-88

Steve Konroyd, 1991-93

Chris Kotsopoulos, 1981-85

Robert Kron, 1992-97

Todd Krygier, 1989-91

Frantisek Kucera, 1993-95

Nick Kypreos, 1992-94

L as in Ladouceur

Andre Lacroix, 1978-80

Pierre Lacroix, 1982-83

Randy Ladouceur, 1986-93

Mark Laforge, 1989-90

Bruce Landon, 1972-77

Pierre Larouche, 1981-83

Paul Lawless, 1982-84/85-88

Brian Lawton, 1988-89

Jamie Leach, 1992-93

Jocelyn Lemieux, 1993-95

Mike Lenarduzzi, 1992-94

Curtis Leschyshyn, 1996-97

Louis Levasseur, 1977-78

Rick Ley, 1972-81

Mike Liut, 1985-90

Chuck Luksa, 1979-80

Dave Lumley, 1984-85

Gilles Lupien, 1980-82

George Lyle, 1976-79/81-83

M as in MacDermid

Paul MacDermid, 1981-89

Gary MacGregor, 1976-77

Randy MacGregor, 1981-82

Norm Maciver, 1988-89

Rick MacLeish, 1981-82

Marek Malik, 1995-97

Merlin Malinowski, 1982-83

Greg Malone, 1983-86

Don Maloney, 1988-89

Kent Manderville 1996-97

Bryan Marchment, 1993-94

Paul Marshall, 1982-83

Tom Martin, 1987-90

Steve Martins, 1995-96

Bryan Maxwell, 1977-78

Jim Mayer, 1977-78

Jason McBain, 1995-97

Rob McClanahan, 1981-82

Brad McCrimmon, 1993-96

Gerry McDonald, 1981-84

Mike McDougal, 1981-83

Mike McEwen, 1985-87

Bob McGill, 1993-94

Jack McIlhargey, 1980-82

Ross McKay, 1990-91

Jim McKenzie, 1989-94

John McKenzie, 1977-79

Bob McManama, 1975-76

Rick Meagher, 1980-83

Glenn Merkosky, 1981-82

Gerry Methe, 1974-75

Mike Millar, 1986-88

Greg Millen, 1981-85

Warren Miller, 1978-79/80-83

Dana Murzyn, 1985-88

Chris Murray, 1997

Jason Muzzatti, 1995-96

N as in Neufeld

Don Nachbaur, 1980-82

Ray Neufeld, 1979-86

John Newberry, 1985-86

Barry Nieckar, 1992-93

Andrei Nikolishin, 1994-96

Lee Norwood, 1991-92

Michael Nylander, 1992-94

O as in O'Neill

Fred O'Donnell, 1974-76

Jeff O'Neill, 1995-97

Ted Ouimet, 1974-75

P as in Pleau

Rosaire Paiement, 1975-77

Jeff Parker, 1990-91

Mark Paterson, 1982-86

James Patrick, 1993-94

Jim Pavese, 1988-89

Allen Pedersen, 1992-94

Barry Pederson, 1991-92

Andre Peloffy, 1978-79

Brent Peterson, 1987-88

Robert Petrovicky, 1992-95

Jorgen Pettersson, 1985-86

Michel Picard, 1990-92

Randy Pierce, 1983-85

Frank Pietrangelo, 1991-94

Larry Pleau, 1972-79

Ron Plumb, 1977-80

Marc Potvin, 1993-94

Patrick Poulin, 1991-94

Nolan Pratt, 1996-97

Keith Primeau, 1996-97

Chris Pronger, 1993-95

Brian Propp, 1993-94

Q as in Quenneville

Joel Quenneville, 1983-90

R as in Robertson

Cap Raeder, 1975-77

Paul Ranheim, 1993-97

Daryl Reaugh, 1990-92

Mark Reeds, 1987-89

Jeff Reese, 1993-95

Mark Renaud, 1979-83

Steven Rice, 1994-97

Todd Richards, 1990-92

Doug Roberts, 1975-77

Gordie Roberts, 1975-81

Torrie Robertson, 1983-88

Mike Rogers, 1975-81

Tom Rowe, 1980-82

Pierre Roy, 1978-79

S as in Sanderson

Ulf Samuelsson, 1984-91

Geoff Sanderson, 1990-97

Jim Sandlak, 1993-95

Dick Sarrizin, 1972-73

Jean Savard, 1979-80

Maynard Schurman, 1979-80

Brit Selby, 1973-74

Brad Selwood, 1972-79

Dave Semenko 1986-87

Brendan Shanahan, 1995-96

Daniel Shank, 1991-92

Brad Shaw, 1985-92

Neil Sheehy, 1987-88

Tim Sheehy, 1972-75/77-78/79-80

Gord Sherven, 1986-87

Paul Shmyr, 1981-82

Peter Sidorkiewicz, 1987-92

Risto Siltanen, 1982-86

Al Sims, 1979-81

Dale Smedsmo, 1976-77

Al Smith, 1972-75/77-80

Guy Smith, 1972-74

Stuart Smith, 1979-83

Kevin Smyth, 1993-96

Ed Staniowski, 1983-85

Bob Stephenson, 1979-80

John Stevens, 1990-95

Jim Storm, 1993-95

Blaine Stoughton, 1978-84

Steve Stoyanovich, 1983-84

Doug Sulliman, 1981-84

Bob Sullivan, 1982-83

Garry Swain, 1974-77

T as in Turgeon

Chris Tancill, 1990-92

Jim Thomson, 1988-89

Dave Tippett, 1984-90

Mike Tomlak, 1989-94

James Troy, 1975-77

Allan Tuer, 1988-90

Darren Turcotte, 1993-95

Sylvain Turgeon, 1983-89

V as in Veisor

Mike Veisor, 1980-83

Mike Vellucci, 1987-88

Pat Verbeek, 1989-95

Mickey Volcan, 1980-83

W as in Webster

Jim Warner, 1978-80

Tom Webster, 1972-78

Steve Weeks, 1984-88

Eric Weinrich, 1992-94

Wally Weir, 1984-85

Blake Wesley, 1981-83

Glen Wesley, 1994-97

Kay Whitmore, 1988-92

Dave Williams, 1987-88

Tommy Williams, 1972-74

Carey Wilson, 1987-89/90-91

Y as in Young

Terry Yake, 1988-93

Ross Yates, 1983-84

Scott Young, 1987-90

Z as in Zuke

Zarley Zalapski, 1990-94

Mike Zuke, 1983-86

The Roster Of Head Coaches

Don Blackburn (1979-81; 42-63-35)Hired originally to replace Jack Kelley, the first coach and general manager of the New England Whalers, in 1975, Blackburn was the first coach of the Hartford Whalers when the team joined the NHL for the 1979-80 season. A moderate success in their first year at 27-34-19, the Whalers qualified for the playoffs, losing in the first round to Detroit. Blackburn's coaching career ended midway through the 1980-81 season when, at 15-29-16, he was replaced by former player Larry Pleau.

Larry Kish (1982-83; 12-32-5)A one-time player at Providence and coach of various New England-based minor league teams, Kish led the AHL's Binghamton Whalers to the Calder Cup Finals in 1981-82 and was named the league's coach of the year, leading to his hiring by the parent club on June 2, 1982. His stay didn't last long: A mediocre record three-quarters of the way through the season led to Kish's dismissal. He later held various positions in other minor leagues, including being accused of paying players off the books while the general manager of the Tallahassee Tiger Sharks in 1998-99.

John Cunniff (1983; 3-9-1)Hired as interim head coach for the final 13 games of the 1983 season, Cunniff was a two-time all-American at Boston College and the first player to twice be named the MVP of the Beanpot, and was a member of the New England Whalers team that won the first WHA championship in 1973. Cunniff would serve as New Jersey's head coach from 1989-91, part of a 13-year front office career with the Devils, and was an assistant for the U.S. Olympic hockey teams in 1994, 1998 and 2002. Cunniff died of cancer in May 2002.

Larry Pleau (1981-82, 1983, 1988-89; 81-117-26)A Lynn, Mass. native who played for Team USA in the 1968 Winter Olympics, Pleau was the first player to sign a contract to play for the Whalers and did so from 1972-79 before his retirement. He was named the fourth head coach in team history on Feb. 20, 1981, replacing Blackburn, and later had stints as the coach of the AHL'S Binghamton Whalers, director of hockey operations and assistant general manager. As coach, Pleau led the Whalers to the playoffs in 1987-88 and 1988-89, losing each time in the Adams Division semifinals. Following his time with the Whalers, Pleau worked in a variety of roles for the New York Rangers before being named the general manager in St. Louis in 1997 – a position he held until his retirement following the 2009-10 season.

Jack Evans (1983-88; 163-174-37)The longest-tenured coach in team history, Evans, hired on Sept. 17, 1983, may have led the Whalers to their greatest successes. They tied or set 57 team records in 1983-84, his first season, to become the most improved team in the NHL, and was on the bench when the Whalers lost to Montreal in seven games in the Adams Division finals in 1985-86 – their longest playoff run. A former defenseman who won the 1961 Stanley Cup with Chicago, Evans, whose 163 victories would be the most of any coach was fired in Feb. 1988, ending his coaching career. He died in Nov. 1996 of prostate cancer.

Rick Ley (1989-91; 69-71-20)A former captain and assistant throughout the 1970s and early 1980s, Ley, whose No. 2 still hangs in the rafters at the XL Center, returned to the team on Dec. 12, 1989 and would eventually finish with a .494 winning percentage – the best of any head coach in Whalers history. Ley was fired following a second consecutive loss to Boston in the Adams Division semifinals in 1991, though he would continue his coaching career as an assistant and head coach with Vancouver from 1991-98 and Toronto from 1998-2006.

Jim Roberts (1991-92; 26-41-13)The head coach of the AHL's Calder Cup champion Springfield Indians from 1989-91, Roberts was hired on June 7, 1991 to replace Ley. His year in Hartford marked the last time the Whalers would qualify for the postseason, ending a streak of seven consecutive seasons in the playoffs with an Adams Division semifinal loss to Montreal in seven games. Following two years coaching Worcester in the AHL, Roberts would return to the NHL as an assistant with St. Louis from 1996-2002 before retiring.

Paul Holmgren (1992-93, 1995; 54-93-14)Hired as the Whalers' 10th head coach on June 15, 1992, Holmgren drifted back and forth between that role and that of the general manager, which he held intermittently beginning in late 1993. His time in Hartford was contentious – Holmgren was arrested in March 1994 and charged with driving under the influence in Simsbury, leading to a stay at the Betty Ford Center. Long associated with the Philadelphia Flyers, where he played nine seasons in the late-1970s and early-1980s, Holmgren would return to the organization in 1995 after being fired as Whalers head coach and is currently the team's general manager.

Pierre McGuire (1993-94; 23-37-7)An assistant promoted to replace Holmgren after he was named the team's general manager on Nov. 17, 1993, McGuire's stint in Hartford was his last in the NHL. Holmgren gave McGuire plenty to work with: two trades at the March deadline, as well as the arrests of Holmgren and defenseman Bryan Marchment on driving under the influence charges within eight days, complicated matters for the Whalers. Fired after the season, McGuire was the Montreal Canadiens' English-language radio color commentator from 1997-2002 and is currently a game host and analyst for TSN and NBC.

Paul Maurice (1995-1997; 61-72-19)Maurice was an assistant under Holmgren for one season when, on Nov. 6, 1995, he became the youngest coach in the NHL at 28 following a 5-6-1 start. The Whalers missed the playoffs in each season under Maurice, though he would lead the Carolina Hurricanes to the Stanley Cup Finals, where they lost to Detroit, in 2001-02. Fired midway through the 2003-04 season, when he was the league's longest-tenured coach, Maurice coached Toronto from 2006-08, then returned to the Hurricanes in 2008 and remains their current head coach.

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