3/19/2013-Ho Hum March

I have to admit that without UConn men's basketball in the NCAA tournament, March Madness doesn't make me all that mad. The UConn women will capture my interest toward the closing days when they meet some powerful competition, but I have no rooting interest in the men's tourney this year. It's certainly college hoops at its finest, but my heart won't sink if any particular team loses.

I don't bet on college sports, or any sports for that matter, so what do I care if Gonzaga goes down in flames. I won't enter the office pool because I haven't a clue as to who will win any given game. The last time I tried, I picked the same selections two local sports radio mavens chose. I was out early on. Since then, I figure if the experts don't know, what chance do I have? I'll probably watch the final four and the championship game, but it all depends on what else is on the tube that night.

After UConn won its 20th game ending this season I started looking forward to next year. Kevin Ollie is off to a terrific start. He's fun to watch on the sidelines because he looks like he wants to suit up and grab the ball. We can only hope that those scholar athletes uphold the "scholar" end of the bargain. They've got the "athlete" part down pat.

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