From UConn To The NBA

Rudy Gay (2004-2006), 1st Round-8th pick, Memphis Grizzlies

Hilton Armstrong (2002-2006), 1st Round-12th pick, New Orleans Hornets

Marcus Williams (2003-2006), 1st Round-22nd pick, New Jersey Nets

Josh Boone (2003-2006), 1st Round-23rd pick, New Jersey Nets

Denham Brown (2002-2006), 2nd Round-40th pick, Seattle SuperSonics

Charlie Villanueva (2003-2005), 1st Round-7th pick, Toronto Raptors

Emeka Okafor (2001-2004), 1st Round-2nd pick, Charlotte Bobcats

Ben Gordon (2001-2004), 1st Round-3rd pick, Chicago Bulls

Caron Butler (2000-2002), 1st Round-10th pick, Miami Heat

Jake Voskuhl (1996-2000), 2nd Round-33rd pick, Chicago Bulls

Khalid El-Amin (1997-2000), 2nd Round-34th pick, Chicago Bulls

Richard Hamilton (1996-1999), 1st Round-7th pick, Washington Wizards

Ray Allen (1993-1996), 1st Round-5th pick, Minnesota Timberwolves

Travis Knight (1992-1996), 1st Round-29th pick, Chicago Bulls

Doron Sheffer (1993-1996), 2nd Round-36th pick, Los Angeles Clippers

Kevin Ollie (1991-1995), Undrafted free agent, Dallas Mavericks

Donny Marshall (1991-1995), 2nd Round-39th pick, Cleveland Cavaliers

Donyell Marshall (1991-1994), 1st Round-4th pick, Minnesota Timberwolves

Scott Burrell (1989-1993), 1st Round-20th pick, Charlotte Hornets

Chris Smith (1988-1992), 2nd Round-34th pick, Minnesota Timberwolves

Tate George (1986-1990), 1st Round-22nd pick, New Jersey Nets

Cliff Robinson (1985-1989), 2nd Round-35th pick, Portland Trail Blazers

Earl Kelley (1982-1986), 5th Round-102nd pick, San Antonio Spurs

Bruce Kuczenski (1979-1983), 3rd Round-59th pick, New Jersey Nets

Corny Thompson (1978-1982), 3rd Round-50th pick, Dallas Mavericks

Chuck Aleksinas (1980-1982), 4th Round-76th pick, Chicago Bulls

Mike McKay (1978-1982), 5th Round-95th pick, Utah Jazz

Jim Abromaitis (1975-1980), 5th Round-95th pick, New Jersey Nets

Tony Hanson (1973-1977), 3rd Round-50th pick, New Orleans Jazz

John Thomas (1972-1976), 9th Round-141st pick, Chicago Bulls

Jimmy Foster (1972-1974), 4th Round-57th pick, Cleveland Cavaliers

Bill Corley (1965-1968), 19th Round-208th pick,

Wes Bialosuknia (1964-1967), 4th Round-37th pick, St. Louis Hawks

Toby Kimball (1962-1965), 3rd Round-25th pick, Boston Celtics

Jim Ahearn (1953-1955), Undrafted free agent

Art Quimby (1951-1955), Undrafted free agent

Worthy Patterson (1951-1954), Undrafted free agent

Burr Carlson (1951-1952), Undrafted free agent

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