4/29/2012-University Blues


Things look pretty bleak at State U. in the short-term. By short-term, I

mean the next couple of years...give or take a couple of years...or more..

It's all up in the air out there in Storrs. It makes me wonder if the Mayans

were predicting the end of the world or actually the end of the UConn's

men's basketball program.  I hope not. I'm a fan of the program and more

importantly, Coach Jim Calhoun is fun to draw.


It turns out that from now on, the NCAA insists that college basketball

players actually have to be students. No problem with the women's team. They

all graduate and maintain decent grades, but the men, well let's just say

they've had other interests.


These new rules promise to keep UConn out of March Madness next year and so

a lot of players are jumping ship. Alex Oriakhi, Roscoe Smith, and Michael

Bradley are transferring to other schools. Jeremy Lamb and Andre Drummond

are going to the NBA.


The situation will impact recruiting, too. Actually, it does create

tremendous opportunity for graduating high school players. There'll be a lot

of slots to fill.

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