6/19/2013-Happy Trails

If the gun manufacturers want to leave Connecticut, then all I can say is
don't let the door hit you in the backside on your way out. I don't like to
see any industry move away from the Nutmeg State. I feel bad for the people
who will be kicked to the curb by their employers. They'll be losing good
jobs, but people employed in the cigarette industry suffered the same way
when the common sense of we the peeps overcame our serious nicotine
addiction and we quit smoking en masse. The gun thing is just as much a public health
issue, but I can see why they'd like to leave Connecticut and move to one of
the fat, unregulated, uneducated, unhealthy states.

The cowboy states are after the pharmaceutical businesses here, too. I don't
know why a drug company would want to leave Connecticut. We love our drugs.
Drugs to relieve stress, pain, insomnia, anxiety, the voices in our heads,
it's all here. We love our drugs so much we legalized one of the fed's
controlled substances, with a doctor's prescription, of course. Forget about
being close to New York City and Boston. We're right in the middle of a
bunch of suffering pain-filled, sleepless, anxious neurotics. Clearly, Texas
and South Dakota don't have these people with problems like ours because
it's so perfect out there. Just ask their governors.

I can only encourage the drug companies to stay here and again, know how
much we love you and want you. The gun-makers not so much. So, mister
rifle-maker, pistol-maker, ammo-maker, clip-maker, enjoy your new life in
Texas and South Dakota. Write often and tell us how much better off you are.

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