"Small World" Goes From Newtown To NYC Presentation

Hartford Courant

A new play that had its premiere earlier this year in Newtown will have a New York reading later this month.

“Small World: A Fantasia” by Frederick Stroppel will have two industry-invited audiences to two presentations at the Harold Clurman Theater in Manhattan on Monday, April 22.

 The goal is to attract a team of producers and investors for productions of the play in New York and beyond.

 The play premiered at the Stray Kats Theatre Company in Edmond Town Hall in Newtown in January.

 The play imagines three encounters between Walt Disney and composer Igor Stravinsky revolving around the animator’s use of Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring” in Disney's animated film “Fantasia.”

 Stray Kat’s artistic director Kate Katcher stages the work again and Scott Bryce as Disney and Robert Resnikoff as Stravinsky repeat their roles.







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