Aug. 2, 1:57 a.m.: Great Night Watching U.S. Women's Basketball

We had a great afternoon at Olympic Park. There is a large beautiful grassy hill overlooking a huge TV screen in the center of the park. We sat and watched the men's all around event and cheered when Danell Leyva won the bronze. We then went to the basketball arena and after watching Croatia play the Czech Rep we were treated to a terrific game by the USA woman against Turkey. Zach found Chris Dailey (UCONN assistant coach) and had a picture taken with her. We sat 10 rows back from the team and had a great view all the action. We sat next to 20 loud and enthusiastic students from Western New England College. They were dressed  and draped in US colors and flags. They led chants for USA and UCONN throughout the game! - Deb, Gary and Zach Hoffman, West Hartford


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