July 29, 10:02 a.m.: At The Beach In The Middle Of London

We took the tube into London and went to the Horse Gardens Parade where beach volleyball was held. A great venue. We had seats at the top and the views were great. Saw Big Ben and the London Eye from our seats. We saw men's and woman's matches. Saw US men against S. Africa and US woman, with Misty May, against Australia. Good matches. Noisy crowd but fun. There was a long line to get past security. MK (7 months pregnant ) asked to go in early to go potty. They let her. The streets were crowded with lots of people dressed up in their flags. We ate in a section of town called Shepard's Market. Lots of little pubs and places to eat. We ate at The LIttle Square. Very good. Today we are on our own going to Hyde Park which we have tickets for. They have screens to watch some events. — Jim and Jane Tebo, Southington

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