July 10, 2011-No Land Swap

In general, I'm against any land swap between the state of Connecticut and any developer drooling over a protected tract of land on very simple grounds. The land trustfully  given, or sold, to the state was to remain open space in perpetuity. Perpetuity means eternally. Forever. Case closed. 


We start making political deals over designated open space land and the game's over. Then we can put this affair in the same cesspool as the eminent domain case in New London. 


Senator Eileen Daily is the culprit behind this sad affair. She lied in debate on the Senate floor, saying the land was "landlocked." Her politically connected coconspirators called the parcel "a wasteland" and "littered with debris." Well, here's a picture of the property. You tell me.




Daily might say, "are you going to believe me, or your lying eyes?" She obviously doesn't know how to use Photoshop. If she did, she'd put a couple junk cars and a a pile of garbage in the scene.

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