Geoffrey Houghton, East Windsor

East Windsor resident Geoffrey Houghton, who created the artwork on this week's iTOWNS cover, is a self-taught artist. He paints with a strong interest in playful and colorful watercolor illustrations that create a sense of days gone by. His latest series, inspired by the elongated features of Amedeo Modigliani's style of painting, incorporates the use of a Siamese cat (appropriately named "Modi") who lived in the latter part of the Industrial Revolution. The Modi character has a great fascination for two-wheeled bicycles such as the High Wheeler and routinely fights his battle of depression and mundane career as a carriage wheel maker. Much like Houghton's longing to remain artistically creative, Modi finds comfort in designing and building "cat-powered" machines at the peak of the bicycle craze. To see more of Houghton's work, go to
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