Elizabeth Lauri
Windsor High School

When Elizabeth Lauri's parents encouraged her to choose an athletic activity in seventh grade, she thought she could trick them by picking something so obscure, they wouldn't be able to find a program near their house. Six years later, Lauri says fencing is still a big part of her life, and her fencing club is just 10 minutes down the road. While Lauri didn't participate in traditional high school sports teams, she has fenced at the high school level for four years and also competes in U.S. Fencing Association tournaments. At Windsor High, Lauri was a member of the math team and the all-academic team, which competes against other high schools on a regional game show called "As Schools Match Wits." Lauri's favorite subject is math, and she will enter UConn as a math major in the fall. Her junior year AP Calculus class was instrumental in choosing her major, Lauri said. "I've always enjoyed learning in a structured way. My parents made it very clear that academics were important. I'd come home from elementary school and finish my homework, then I could play. That attitude has continued," said Lauri, who used to joke about being valedictorian before realizing it was a real possibility. --Chloe Miller
Courtesy of Elizabeth Lauri
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