8/23/2013-Elephant Show

I love the Durham Fair. I’ve been to it often and one year did a workshop
for cartoonists, served as a contest judge and did a demonstration of the art of caricature. In other words, I have fond memories of the place. One memory I don’t have is elephants. To me, these kinds of fairs, these “country fairs” are about native culture. Cows and pigs and horses and oxen, pies, chickens, bunny rabbits, roosters, that kind of thing. I don’t know how many elephants are living on the farms of Connecticut, although it wouldn’t surprise me if there were. This state is full of surprises.

Some animals, like the aforementioned critters, have cut a deal with humans. They’ll hang around and do our dirty work and keep us company if we take care of them. But the wild creatures don’t want to have anything to do with us and I don’t like to see them under human control, whether it’s at a circus, a fair, or a zoo. I think that’s fair, except humans can’t stop dominating all living creatures. It’s Biblical.

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