8/31/2012-Chris Murphy Says

I've heard some Republicans whining about my cartoons, that they're particularly cruel to the GOP. All I can say is thank you for noticing. I assume they're moaning about my treatment of Republicans in the Presidential campaign. I treat the Democrats in Connecticut with the same disrespect, mainly because most of the crooks busted in this state are members of the donkey's party.

It's true, I'm really down on the national Republican Party this election cycle (and the last one, too, and the one before that) because of the right wing extremism that has infected the GOP. The moderates have headed for the hills and won't come back until it's safe. It won't be safe until the extremists are pushed to the margins where they belong instead of being allowed to gum up the center.

In the meantime, the Republicans can take cold comfort knowing they've brought my wrath upon themselves. They have no one else to blame. Anyway, what do they care if I bust their chops? There are plenty conservative cartoonists out there sucking up to the Republicans. That's the beauty of the Internet.

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