The Hartford Courant

HOW IT GOT ITS NAME: Likely named after Berkhamstead in the English county of Hertford. It is the only Barkhamsted in the nation.

LATE BLOOMER: The town was one of the last in the state to be settled, probably because it was not on the coast or major river and did not boast particularly good farmland. First settled in the mid-1700s, the town was incorporated in 1779.

DID YOU KNOW?: In the 1930s, the east branch of the Farmington River in Barkhamsted was blocked by the Saville Dam to create the Metropolitan District Commission's Barkhamsted Reservoir. The 30-billion-gallon reservoir, which provides drinking water to Greater Hartford, runs about eight miles north into the town of Hartland.

SOURCES: Connecticut Place Names; Barkhamsted Historical Society; The Hartford Courant

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