Hartford Comes Out On Top In April 1 Report On Studies

The Hartford Courant

In the city's latest in a string of national distinctions, Hartford has been named America's most studied region.

From wage studies to political opinion surveys to test markets for cereal, Hartford fits the bill, it seems.

The report, released today, April 1, by the American Quantitative Understanding Association, AQUA, shows that in 2010, Metro Hartford was the subject of 1,125 certified studies, tests and reports. That total beat out Oklahoma City, with 1,027, and No. 3 Seattle, with 982, although Seattle's total included 306 separate reports from the Caffeine Board on the effects of coffee in the workplace.

Experts agreed that Hartford won the distinction because of its citizenry that doesn't get too excited about any one thing other than basketball, and proximity to New York, where researchers can meet with subjects and return home without having to stay the night.

Also, Hartford's wealth -- the metro area is the nation's 15th richest per-capita -- makes it a perfect place for product testing, and its medium size lets researchers compare it to Peoria and Boston at the same time.

It's ironic the study was released on April Fool's Day!

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