After Cold Nights Of Outages, NU's Cards Offer 'Warmest' Wishes

Considering that hundreds of thousands of Connecticut residents lacked heat for several cold nights because of power outages after the Oct. 29 snowstorm, Northeast Utilities might have sent a holiday card this year with different wording than: “Warmest thoughts and best wishes.”

Maybe “cordial” or “hearty” would have worked better as the first word of the message inside the fancy, gold-embossed card that's being sent to all 187 members of the Connecticut General Assembly, the governor, other top state officials and the state’s U.S. Senate and House members. At least one recipient was bemused by the word choice, and shared the card with Capitol Watch.

NU didn’t say how much it’s spending on the cards sent by its “governmental affairs” group of lobbyists and staff. But the greetings were purchased and mailed with “shareholder money,” so ratepayers won’t bear the cost, company spokesman Al Lara said.


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