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1980: Hockey immortals Gordie Howe and Bobby Hull both played their last NHL game April 11 in a Whalers uniform. Howe, Hull, Guy Lafleur, Larry Robinson, Bob Gainey, imagine being in that handshake line after Canadiens swept the best of five series? 1980: Blaine Stoughton scored 56 goals in 1979-80 and had at least that many fun nights on the town. Still, depending on when he was telling the story, Gordie Howe would say Stash's wife Cindy, a former Playboy bunny, was bigger than Stoughton -- or 1980: Whalers VP Bill Barnes was the father. His baby was the 91 Club. More than 4,200 ticketholders regularly made the drive up I-91 to Springy until the Civic Center reopened on Feb. 6, 1980 -- two years, 19 days after the roof collapse -- with a 7-3 victory over the LA Kings in Hartford's first NHL game. The 91 Club was very cool. -- bigger than him in Hartford. 1980: Goriest injury: On Dec. 27, Mark Howe was nearly impaled by the pointed metal center of the net. It barely missed his spinal column. As a result, the NHL changed the design of its nets. Mark went on to a Hall of Fame career.
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