Who is Grover Norquist, you might ask? Well, find out because he is destroying your Congress, your country and the Republican Party


A good place to start is the "60 Minutes" segment that aired last Sunday night. In the past, I haven't done many cartoons inspired by the TV program because if you didn't see the show, you'd have no way to know what I was talking about, but now with the Internet and "Your DVR" function on your TV remote, it makes it easy to find out what's going on.


I've talked to the knowledgeable people here at The Courant and I think the best thing to do to end this interminable babble about debt reduction is to simply let the W. Bush tax cuts expire. That means slightly higher taxes on everybody, but overall, not that much more. It would be enough to start bringing down the deficit, unless the GOP gets their wish and we go to war with Iran. 


If you'll recall, W, in a typically moron Republican move, cut taxes without cutting spending and then waged two, count 'em, two wars. It happened on his watch, and don't forget it. The corporate bailouts happened on his watch, too. I know the GOP doesn't like us to remember that, but unlike their brain-dead elephant and constituents to match, we remember. 


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